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Freedom Trailers      NATM Compliant
Freedom Trailers give you the biggest bang for the buck. What are options on other manufacturers trailers are standard features on Freedom Trailers. In addition, they have the flexibility to customize any trailer to your specifications. Freedom Trailers builds enclosed race car trailers, enclosed cargo trailers, enclosed motorcycle trailers and enclosed concession trailers that are strong, versatile and great looking. Freedom uses only top quality metal tubing in all of their frames on the walls and ceilings.  They use American made axles by Dexter.  You will be amazed at how little money can buy so much trailer. NEW for 2018 - THERMO-PLY LINED CEILINGS ON ALL TRAILERS, V-NOSE NOW STANDARD ON CAR HAULER TRAILERS, 16" ON CENTER FLOOR CROSSMEMBERS, WALL SIDEPOSTS AND ROOF BOWS ON ALL MODELS!

Below are our current CASH PRICE specials that can be built and picked up at the plant in Wilacoochee, Georgia
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5' Wide Cargo Trailer   6' Wide Cargo Trailer   7' Wide Cargo Trailer  8.5' Wide Car Hauler   
Freedom Trailer 5x8 Freedom 6x12 single axle trailer Freedom 7x16 cargo trrailer Freedom V-Nose Car Trailer
Trailer Sizes:
5x8 Single Axle        $1650
5x10 Single Axle      $1793

Trailer Sizes:
6x10 Single Axle             $2200
6x12 Single Axle 
6x14 Single Axle             $2459
6x10 Tandem Axles        $2613
6x12 Tandem Axles        $2888
6x14 Tandem Axles        $2998
Trailer Sizes:
7x10 Single Axle, Brakes    $2651
7x12 Single Axle, Brakes    $2750
7x14 Sgle 5K Axle, Brakes $3229
7x10 Tandem Axles             $2915
7x12 Tandem Axles             $3108
7x14 Tndm Axles 4" Frme  $3383
7x16 Tndm Axles 4" Frme  $3548
7x18 Tndm Axles 6" Frme  $3795
7x20 Tndm Axles 6" Frme  $4092
Car Hauler Trailer Sizes:
8.5X10 Tandem Axles  $3823
8.5X12 Tandem Axles  $3933
8.5X14 Tandem Axles  $4125
8.5X16 Tandem Axles  $4208
8.5X18 Tandem Axles  $4345
8.5X20 Tandem Axles  $4565
8.5X22 Tandem Axles  $4620
8.5X24 Tandem Axles  $4675
8.5X26 Tandem Axles  $4758
8.5X24 Tandem Axles  $5153
8.5X26 Tandem Axles  $5236
8.5X28 Tandem Axles  $5803
8.5X30 Tandem Axles  $6105
8.5X32 Triple Axle 15k $6958
8.5X34 Triple Axle 15k $7183
8.5X36 Triple Axle 15k $7453
Gooseneck Trailers  Concession Trailers  BBQ Trailers Car Haulers
Freedom Gooseneck Trailer Freedom Concession Trailers
Freedom BBQ Porch Trailers
Freedom Trailers Car Hauler
Gooseneck Sizes:
8.5x26 up to 8.5x52
Concession Trailer Sizes: 6' Wide, 7' Wide, 8.5' Wide, Any Lengths BBQ Trailer Sizes: 8.5' Wide Any Lengths
Your Choice - Rounded V, Sharp V or Flat Front - Same Price

Freedom Trailers Color Chart

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